Print & Web Design

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As a full-time faculty member at Brookhaven College in Dallas, Texas for almost 25 years, Lauri developed and taught classes in Graphic, Communication, Web and Publication Design and the Adobe Creative Suite software applications. Lauri also coordinated the Visual Communications program, established curriculum and degree requirements for specializations in Communication Design, Web Design, Visual Journalism and Digital Media and was instrumental in gaining program recognition from the TSSB (Texas Skills Standard Board) for Communication and Web Design degrees. Now “retired” from full-time teaching, Lauri continues to teach on a part-time basis and is currently focused upon her design business, travel, photography and artwork. Lauri earned her BFA and MFA degrees at the University of North Texas.

Communication Design has evolved over the years as technology continues to introduce exciting developments. However, what has remained constant through all these changes is the necessity of process, concept development, spatial concepts and an appreciation for form and functionality. While technological advancements have greatly improved and enhanced production and visual experience, the communication aspect of design — whether in print or online — has remained vitally important. A stated message will be received or rejected by viewers through the presentation and the visual interpretation of that message. This is the essence of communication design.